A Resolution from the XXXII Annual Synod of the Diocese of the United Kingdom

To whom it may concern.

Be it resolved, that on 4th May 2024, the XXXII Annual Synod of the Diocese of the United Kingdom, Anglican Catholic Church, meeting at the Pro-Cathedral of St Augustine of Canterbury, Painters Forstal, Kent, reaffirmed and renewed the commitment of our Diocese to remain faithful to the Church founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ to which Holy Scripture, the Church Fathers, and the Seven Oecumenical Councils bear witness in the fullness of the Catholic Faith.

Furthermore, we resolve that it is our duty and our joy, according to the Mind of Christ to extend the hand of confraternity and friendship to all our brothers and sisters in Christ of goodwill, with a view to sharing the greatest degree of fellowship possible, and especially to those Christians who consider themselves to be traditional and orthodox in their faith and practice. Responding with joy in the things with which we agree, and with love and respect in the things which divide us.

We invite contact and dialogue with all who wish to explore this further.       

The Right Reverend Damien Mead (Bishop Ordinary)