Clergy and Diocesan Officers

The only ACC clergy and lay readers authorised and under the Bishops licence in the Diocese of the United Kingdom, are listed here. It is our policy that all have enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks, undertake safeguarding / child and vulnerable adult protection training and the Diocese has full Public and Employers Liability Insurance. In addition they carry Photo Identification Cards.

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List of Clergy who have been Ordained or Served in the Diocese of the United Kingdom Since 1992

Occasionally questions arise about individuals claiming to be clergy currently, or previously ordained or belonging to our Diocese. Below you will find a list of clergy: those who have been ordained in or for this Diocese, who have joined us in Holy Orders from other Churches or transferred from another ACC diocese . Where Clergy have left the communion of the ACC, died or moved to another Diocese or Jurisdiction within the ACC, this is also indicated below. However, this list is incomplete and is a work in progress. Corrections may be sent to the Diocesan Office.

By Bishop Leslie Hamlett (Bishop Ordinary 1992 - 1997)

Rev Geoffrey Andow*

Rev John B Appleton (received in orders from the CofE)*

Rev Peter J. Baxter*

Rev A. Ralph Beaumont* RIP

Rev Anthony L Bell* RIP

Rev Alan Bowser* RIP

Rev Anthony J. Chadwick (received in Diaconal Orders from the RCC 1995) *left the ACC 1996 (** rejoined in 2013)

Rev Kenneth Cheal (received in orders from the CofE) RIP

Rev Noel Dickson* RIP

Rev Ronald Egerton RIP

Rev Jack Fernsby RIP

Rev Anthony Fry* RIP

Rev Lawrence Garner*

Rev Ian Grey*

Rev David G. A. Hampton-Davies (received in Orders from the CofE)* RIP

Rev David Jewess*

Rev Charles Johnson*

Rev Adrian Magor*

Rev Patrick J McEune*

Rev A. V. McKinnon RIP

Rev John Milne*

Rev James (Jim) Petty RIP

Rev Kenneth Radley (received in orders from the CofE)* RIP

Rev Reeks-Williams (received in orders from the CofE) RIP

Rev Basil D. Richmond (received in orders from the CofE)* RIP

Rev Hughie Roberts (received in orders from the CofE) RIP

Rev Peter Robinson*

Rev Christopher J. D. Rogerson (received in orders from the CofE)* RIP

Rev William H. Scattergood* RIP

Rev Manuel Ruiz Sorgob*

Rev Lawrence H. Spratt*

Rev Gunther Thomann*

Rev Donald Walker Obl/OSB

Rev Joseph Walker RIP

Revd Ralph D.A. Wouldham*

Rev Michael Wright (received in orders from the CofE)* RIP

By Episcopal Visitors (1997 - 2008)

Rev Chris Bosworth (s.c) (laicised)

Rev George Bradbury (Received in Orders from CoE)

Rev Phillip-James French (s.c) (deposed)*

Rev David Haste*

Rev (subsequently Bishop) Damien Mead (s.c)

Rev Timothy Perkins (s.c.) RIP

Rev Desmond Spackman* (s.c.)  RIP

Rev Raymond Thompson

By Bishop Damien Mead (Bishop Ordinary 2008 - present)

Rev Roger Bell (RIP)

Rev Anthony Chadwick (priested s.c.) (Patrimony of the ACC Metropolitan in Europe)**

Rev Michael Clothier Obl/OSB (deposed)*

Rev Miles Maylor (s.c)

Rev Howard Marsh*

Rev Richard Mulholland RIP

Rev Jonathan Munn Obl/OSB

Rev J Gareth Parry (s.c.) (deposed)*

Rev Jeen Thomas (received in orders from Syro-Malabar church) (deposed)*

Rev Andrew Scurr (s.c.)

Rev Gustaf Stenstrom (s.c)

Rev Gregory Wassen (Patrimony of the ACC Metropolitan in Europe)

Rev Martin Charlesworth*

Rev Gordon Dennis Tall (s.c.)

Rev Robert Charles McBride (Received in Orders)

Rev Ron Evans (Received in Orders)*

(s.c. = sub conditione, i.e. a conditional ordination)
*left the ACC **rejoined ACC