Anglican Catholic Church

UK Parishes, Missions & House Groups

Visitors to our services may find the following guide helpful, as to what to expect, however it should be noted that these descriptions do not constitute any canonical recognition of status

Churches = dedicated and exclusive place of worship and regular worship schedule
Missions = regular Worship but without a dedicated or exclusive place of worship
Provisional Missions = occasional worship only or one that is awaiting recognition by the Synod
House Group = occasional meetings for prayer, study, worship or socialising of like minded people with the hope and
intention that a Mission may, in due course, be established.

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Provisional Missions

ACC Area House Groups

The following House Groups invite enquiries from people interested in finding out more about the ACC, meeting for worship, study and fellowship. Ultimately, we fervantly hope and pray, to the establishment of new Missions. Please pray for the growth of our Diocese and of our work here in the United Kingdom.