A press release covering Bishop Mead’s visit to Sicily from 21/01 to 24/01 has been released locally:
“The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity began on 18 January: as many Christians know, it is an annual international ecumenical prayer initiative which sees the various confessions of Christianity committed to re-establishing full communion between Christ’s faithful. In Capo d’Orlando, on the Northern Sicilian coast between Messina and Palermo, the “Sant’Óscar Romero” Center has organised an inter-confessional meeting, scheduled for the afternoon of Monday 22 January, starting from 4.45 pm in the “Falcone e Borsellino” council hall of “Palazzo Europa”, the regional City Hall.
The Right Reverend Dr. Damien Mead, Bishop of the Diocese of the United Kingdom of the Anglican Catholic Church, the original ‘continuing’ Anglican Church, , will be honored during the event and presented with an ecumenical medal dedicated to Saint Óscar Romero, the “bishop of the poor” killed in 1980 by Salvadoran fascists. The Sicilian award is motivated by his commitment to defending the faith of the Apostles and for Christian unity, as well as in consideration of the friendship he has shown towards Sicilian and Mediterranean culture. Moreover, he has also been awarded this in recognition of his important secular work as Chairman and co-founder of “Credo Care Ltd”, the leading UK fostering agency which specialises in the care of disabled children and minors.
For some years, a twinning association has existed between the Roman Catholic parishes of Capo d’Orlando and Bishop Mead’s Pro-Cathedral of St Augustine of Canterbury, in South East England.
The “Sant’Óscar Romero” Center, committed to ecumenism and linked to the Esperantist movement, which will be represented during the ceremony by university professor Antonio Matasso, president of the Esperanto Nebrodi Association and always a promoter of initiatives for friendship between peoples.”
Commenting on the  award, Bishop Mead said, “I am very humbled by the recognition from my friends in Sicily. Any good that I have done for God’s holy Church or in my secular work has always been because of the work and accomplishments of the Holy Spirit. My only real involvement has been to follow His direction, to listen and to do His will. The mistakes I have made during my life, and there have been some howlers over the years, have always been because I have done the opposite.”