To be called by God is to experience a deep and personal stirring within one’s soul. All who believe in the person and power of Jesus Christ, all who are baptised, are called to walk with their brothers and sisters on their journey to the Lord. This is an open call to all God’s people, the vocation of all Christians. But the call of God can take a more specific shape. God calls some men to a service of leadership in the Church, some to lay ministry as Readers and others to the ordained ministry as deacons or priests.

In proclaiming God’s word, pastoral work among God’s people, celebrating the sacraments and shepherding the flock to which they themselves belong, those called to ministry live out the call they have experienced. Although God’s call is very personal to the individual, a call to public ministry is never private. God speaks to both the person exploring their feeling of vocation and to those around them, including the Church both locally and on the wider level. Indeed it is sometimes the case that the man called is the last to know.

Humility is the key to listening, responding and successful fulfilling of God’s will. St John the Baptist knew that for Jesus to begin his public ministry, he, John, needed to allow him to take centre stage. “He must increase, but I must decrease.” (John 3:30) Those called by God need to understand that this is true for them also. May God bless and inspire you as you seek His will for your life.

Further information may be found in the following booklet the Board of Ministry has published: Called by God? Ministry in the Anglican Catholic Church