The Diocese sends its heartiest congratulations to Bishop Damien Mead and the Venerable Raymond Thompson on being awarded Fellowships in Theology of the Victoria College of Music.

The Victoria College of Music and Drama, London has been operating as an awarding body since 1890 and also served as a teaching institution until the 1950s. From the outset the College under James Henry Lewis had a wide reach and Bible Reading, as it has traditionally been known was part of that. Their Fellowship Diploma was introduced in the 1920s for use by Lay Readers and Missionaries as a recognition of three years service or more when it was difficult to gain an actual qualification aside from residential status for ordination. A large number of their original examiners were clergy, especially on the speech side, and two former principals were clergymen from the Church of England.

As part of its reform of the Board of Ministry and training for ordination, the Diocese will be working closely with the VCM in training ordinands for diplomas such as the Associate (AVCM(Th)), Licentiate (LVCM(Th)) and Fellowship (FVCM(Th)). We are pleased to be involved with the College as it re-establishes its Department of Theology.

May God bless this relationship and help us and the College to give ordinands the training to do His work in the world.

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