Fr Gareth Parry, priest in charge of the Mission of the Good Shepherd and St Tudwal writes:

“Our winter venue is Pensarn Presbyterian Chapel vestry, Llandudno Junction, by kind permission of the minister and officials. The Feast of the Presentation of Christ in the Temple, celebrated on 2nd February, was our second service there.

We were very pleased to welcome the 1st Llandudno Junction British Boy/British Girl Scout Group to our Eucharist. Our warden, Mr Lee Wilson, has been Scout Leader of this group for a number of years, and as part of their programme, they visit local churches regularly. Although moving from Capel Gwydir Uchaf, near Llanrwst, was a practical decision, because of the cold, and lack of heating, nevertheless, having a venue in Llandudno Junction provides opportunity for outreach in a more populated area.

We may, God willing, establish a more permanent presence here, with the hope of attracting new worshippers to our midst. It is early days but we are glad of the contacts we have made and we are pleased to welcome newcomers to our congregation. The Cubs were very well-behaved, participated well and enjoyed themselves. Tea, coffee and refreshments were served after the service. We hope to welcome the Cubs again very soon.

We envisage returning to Capel Gwydir Uchaf in April, but may hold extra services at Llandudno Junction in the future.”