On Saturday 21st September Bishop Mead and some of the clergy and laity of the ACC Diocese of the United Kingdom, met in Westminster, with Bishop Roald Flemestad and clergy and laity from the Nordic Catholic Church, which established a presence working in the UK 3 years ago. This was a follow up to the meeting which took place in March this year at Bishop Meads home in Kent. The Nordic Catholic Church is a member of the Union of Scranton (with the Polish National Catholic Church in North America) which have for sometime been in dialogue with the ACC and the other members of the G4 group of continuing Anglican Jurisdictions which have embarked upon serious commitment to unity among those who have their origins in the 1977 Congress of St Louis. The warm and friendly gathering was very positive and ended with a common commitment to continue to pray and seek ways of working together and a plan for another meeting in February next year.