+Memory eternal +, Richard James Mulholland, Deacon. (15/11/1977 – 21/04/2019) Devoted and loving husband, father, son and friend to many. With the family’s permission, for Richs friends who were unable to get to his funeral today (Wednesday 22nd May 2019), we publish a few photos from todays Funeral Requiem Mass at the Pro-Cathedral Church of St Augustine, Painters Forstal, Kent.

The Stars and Stripes Flag flowers, and the second display which featured peaches, was in tribute to Richs love of the USA and in particular the Peach State of Georgia, where he and Debbie had hoped, one day, relocating to live.

Thank you Bishop Damien Mead the celebrant, Fr Raymond Thompson and Fr Andrew Scurr, who subdeaconed and deaconed the Mass today. Roy Anthony Hipkiss and Andy Hall who served.