On Saturday 23rd March 2019 a meeting of an informal nature was convened between the ACC Diocese of the United Kingdom and the Nordic Catholic Church (NCC).

On the evening before the meeting, Bishop Damien had the pleasure of dining with The Right Revd Roald Nikolai Flemestad, (Bishop Ordinary of the NCC) and Mrs Flemestad; The Very Revd Canon Geoffrey Neal (NCC Vicar General) and Mrs Neal; and The Revd Canon Edward Bryant, at a restaurant in Rye, East Sussex.

On Saturday 23rd, Bishop Damien hosted a meeting with Bishop Flemestad and some of his UK based clergy, at his home in Lydd. The Venerable Raymond Thompson, Archdeacon of the ACC DUK and Fr Andrew Scurr were also in attendance. Described as a -getting to know you meeting – after everyone attending introduced themselves, recounting how God had led them to this point in their lives, a very friendly and cordial discussion of various matters of mutual interest followed.

The meeting was convened partly in response to the recent successful meeting and the beginning of dialogue between the G4 continuing Anglican Jurisdictions and the Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC) in January in Atlanta, Ga, USA.

The PNCC and the NCC are member Churches of the Union of Scranton.

More information about the recent meeting in the USA may be found below.

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