The Bishop writes:
From time to time it comes to our attention that there are those who have either had no association with the Anglican Catholic Church, or having been members have left for various reasons, who claim clerical status (with some claiming exalted positions) in confusing ecclesial bodies. Our concern is primarily with those who appear more than happy not to correct those who inadvertently mistake them for priests, or even bishops, of the ACC. Such deceit is profoundly harmful to their own spiritual well-being and of those who are taken in by such individuals, and our reputation suffers as a result.
The sincerity and integrity of our Diocesan clergy and officers is not in question, and we are confident that all members and friends of the ACC DUK will make every effort to ensure that no-one confuses or associates those who are either deluded or dishonest with me or the clergy and faithful officers and members on my Diocese.
The clergy and lay readers authorised and under my licence, have enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks, undertake safeguarding and child and vulnerable adult protection training and the Diocese has full Public and Employers Liabity Insurance. In addition they carry Photograph Identification Cards and the names and photographs of our clergy, readers and Diocesan Officers appear on this website – you can view this by clicking on the links below or on the left hand navigation bar. Our small, but growing, number of parishes, missions and housegroups can also be found by clicking on the appropriate link.