From 4th – 6th October Bishop Damien Mead, Fr Roger Bell, Deacon Richard Mulholland, Dr Roy Fidge, Mr Roy Hipkiss and Mr James Tuite attended the biannual Synod of the Original Province of the Anglican Catholic Church in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

This year the Synod was held in conjunction with the highest level of Synods of 3 other continuing Anglican jurisdictions: The Anglican Church in America (APA), The Anglican Province of America (APA) and The Diocese of the Holy Cross (DHC). For some years our four Churches have been growing closer together.
Bishop Mead attended meetings of the Administrative Council, College of Bishops and Trustees of the Original Province at the beginning of Synod Week.

The concluding day of our gathering, Friday 6th October, saw the leaders of our jurisdictions; The Most Revd Brian Marsh (ACA), The Most Revd Mark Haverland (ACC), The Most Revd Walter Grundorf (APA) and The Revd Paul Hewett, signed a concordat of communio in sacris in front of the various Synods clerical and lay delegates and many invited guests and observers. This historic event goes a long way to fulfilling the intentions and hopes of those who gathered 40 years before for the Congress of St Louis in 1977.