Bishop Damien Mead has issued the following warning:

Following an enquiry from a member of the public who was recently approached by a man, using the name Havard Stevenson, on Social Media, claiming to be a Priest in the Anglican Catholic Church. I made some enquiries and discovered he states he is based in Islington, London. Following further investigation I find this ‘clergyman’ is not alone. He has links to a second man, usuing the name ‘Philip Sylvester’ based in Cornwall.
Neither of these men are members of the Anglican Catholic Church – and certainly not clergy.
Both the Archdeacon and I have approached them and they have responded with rudeness.

Although the ACC doesn’t have a monopoly on these three individual words, when used together to describe a particular Church body – as these two gentlemen have done – we do!

If in doubt about ACC clergy under my jurisdiction please check this website:

For verification of ACC clergy in other Dioceses (internationally) it’s a little more complicated – I keep this Diocesan Website as up to date as I can but some of the other ACC Websites are not so up to date. The best thing to do is to contact the Bishop / Archdeacon / Vicar General of the ACC Diocese concerned.