Anglican Catholic Church

Bishop in Pembrokedock

A lovely warm welcome this morning Sunday 10th July 2016, at the ACC Mission of St Deiniol and St Asaph / Eglwys Genhadol Sant Deiniol ac Asaph in the 13th Century Chapel of Upton Castle, Cosheston, Pembrokeshire, Wales.
I had the honour and privilege of celebrating Mass and preaching and then after Mass interring the ashes of the late Max Maylor, brother of the Priest in Charge (Fr Miles Maylor), who died in May, in the Chapel grounds, the site of an ancient burial ground.
After Mass today I was treated to a lovely buffet lunch at the home of Harry and Maggie Bendelow in Pembrokedock. (Harry is our Layreader here). Then after a suitable break we had cake and tea and welcomed a few extra folk who had been invited to meet me. My thanks to Fr Maylor, to the Bendelow's, to all who contributed to making today so lovely. Not forgetting Andy Hall my driver this trip who has been so helpful.