On 21st June 2015 at Morning Mass, the Parish of Our Lady of Walsingham and St Francis, Rochester, Fr Jonathan Munn, Parish Priest, was privileged to baptise, Kate Tandy and her children, Jade and Liam. Mrs Tandy’s husband Neil was in attendance and the Godparents were Emma Ridley, Emma Martin and Neil Martin.

According to the Western Rite usage, the candidates were each presented with a white handkerchief (which Fr. Jonathan had blessed before Mass) standing for the white garment that they receive in Heaven according to Revelation vi.11.

Fr. Jonathan explained how the richness of the ceremonial that comes with Baptism is there to show us all the richness of the love of God in bringing us together into His Church by making us clean and giving us our spiritual MMR jabs.

It was a lovely day and the family enjoyed a festive barbecue after Mass.