The Revd Howard Marsh, Priest in Charge of the Mission of Our Lady and St Edward, Bolton, Lancashire has informed the Bishop that the Mission has lost it’s home at the Iron Church in Bolton.  Unfortunately the business leasing the historic building has had to leave the premises and the congregation, who had converted the old vestry into a Chapel, have become homeless.

Fr Marsh, contacting the Bishop, said “Although it had been expected, we thought we would be able to remain until the end of June/July, but in the end it did come quite suddenly.”
Mass was scheduled for Corpus Christi but Fr Marsh explained “I am going on Thursday not to celebrate Corpus Christi as advertised and planned, but to empty the chapel of all our belongings. Much of it will be stored in Salford (at St Alban’s) for the time being”.
The kindness that the business owners Mr Jaz Singh and his brother Laki, have shown Fr Marsh and the ACC Congregation has been much appreciated.

The Bishop joined with Fr Marsh in expressing his appreciation and thanks, but also joined in sharing the congregations concern that such decent people have lost so much. Fr Marsh expressed it best by saying “We have been lucky to have met such a kind and generous family and we can only wish them well”.
In the meantime the monthly Requiem Mass -the first Wednesday in the month will continue but will be at St Albans, Salford, the first being 5th June at 12 noon. On the last Saturday in the month hopefully they can continue with their Solemn Mass at a venue in Bolton.