Bishop Damien Mead has asked that the following Message be posted here;

“Thank you all for your continued concern.

I have now seen my new Consultant and he has examined the results of all my tests and I am pleased and relieved to say, despite initial fears, that he is very certain that there is not an underlying Cancer causing my problems.

I do appear to have a predisposition for my blood to clot more than
usual (although not completely guaranteed it is highly likely that this will be
controlled by the warfarin I am taking, which is now definitely for life).

He also thinks that the leg pains I have suffered from for many years (although always solely blamed on the varicose veins and, in the past, the varicose ulcers I have had) have possibily been, on some occasions, caused by smaller dvt’s that have occurred, but been dissipated by the body’s natural processes.

However, due to my diabetes this process is now no longer working as it should and thus my problems have become much worse.

He has told me, as have others, that I am extremely lucky to be here. I believe that luck has nothing to do with it and can only thank our merciful God.

I have also been diagnosed with ‘Fatty Liver Disease’ which is common among over weight diabetics, however he believes this is reversible with a special diet. I have a target to lose a further 10% of my body weight to achieve this. Since I have already lost 5 Stone since November 2011 due to my ill health I hope this extra 10% will be a significant contribution to sorting me out! My diabetes now also needs serious attention so that also is being tackled!

I was told previously that some of the veins in my lungs were damaged by the Pulmonary Emboli I experienced in November and again in April. Some of this will, God willing, be repaired naturally. However, that explains my tendency to have occasional breathless episodes and chest pain. (Both of which have lessoned considerably from what they were).

I am so relieved to now have some answers to a lot of the questions, fears and concerns I have had since November last year. I hope that there will be no need to give further health updates. I will however thank you for good wishes, kind thoughts and your prayers and ask that they continue at least for the time being.”

Thank you