Anglican Catholic Church

May Devotion & Receptions in Manchester

Mr & Mrs Wilkinson are received into the ACC

After Mass the newly received are pictured with the Bishop and with the Parish Priest (and Dean of the North) The Very Revd Charles Johnson.

Fr Tim Perkins presents the Bishop with a statue of St Anne with the BVM as a gift for the ProCathedral Parish.

St Alban the Martyr, Salford, Greater Manchester celebrated a May Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary with Solemn Pontifical Sung Mass on Saturday 14th May at 12 noon. The Bishop was celebrant and preacher and before the service he received into the full communion of the Anglican Catholic Church Edward and Jacqueline Wilkinson from the Church of England.

After the Mass Fr Tim Perkins presented the Bishop with a small statue of St Anne and the Blessed Virgin Mary for the Pro-Cathedral Parish in Canterbury.