Statement from Bishop Mead:

Within the last 3 months the Diocesan Office has been getting a considerable number of telephone calls (averaging 15 a month) and some emails from people who wish to get married in our Church. Many of these are from people who seem to wish to combine this with seeking permission to remain resident in this Country. It would appear that many of these caller have been misinformed about the Anglican Catholic Church or have mistaken us for some other body.

Please note the following before making such an enquiry:
(a) We are not the Anglican Church – ie: Church of England.
(b) Marriage is the ACC is governed by not only the civil law of the United Kingdom but also by our own Canonical Law. There are various important conditions covered by both of these that all those seeking Holy Matrimony within our Church must satisfy.
(c) Marriage in the ACC is not ‘a soft option’ whereby less questions are asked, in fact our policy is more traditional and conservative than that of some other Churches.
(d) Getting married in the UK, even to a British National or someone already granted resident doesnt guarantee entry to or permission to remain in the UK.

The Right Revd Damien Mead
Bishop Ordinary