Following the love shown to the parish after the vandalism it suffered in Holy Week.

Father Raymond Thompson sent the following letter to the Bishop & Diocese of the Midwest on 23rd July 2008.

Dear Bishop,

My congregation and I would like to say a huge thankyou to you and all the folks of the Diocese of the Midwest for your overwhelming generosity and love following the desecration of the chapel here in Rochester. The amazing total of £942 has enabled us to replace the tabernacle and ciborium and also purchase a small statue of Saint Michael, who we hope will watch over us. Most of the excess amount will go into the Bishop’s Fund here which will enable this Diocese to assist other parishes where there is hardship and need, just as we received help when we needed it. The sense of belonging to a large family has been strengthened by the desire of so many people to help. We are all very moved. The security measures have almost been completed at the chapel now, with the fitting of unbreakable polycarbonate sheeting over the windows, security lighting and a “mosquito” alarm, and brand new doors were fitted yesterday. We are now just waiting for the iron gates to be made and fitted to the entrance to the porch. The total cost of the work will be near £5,000 when completed, and all to keep vandals at bay. It is a very sad inditement of the times in which we live, but we have much to be thankful for and an exciting future to look forward to with our own Bishop Ordinary. Please convey the contents of this letter to your Diocese, and assure them of our gratitude, and our love and prayers.

With very best wishes to all our brothers and sisters in the Diocese of the Midwest

In Christ’s service, Fr Raymond Thompson