The XVI Annual Diocesan Synod was held once again (with kind permission) at Central Hall, Westminster. The opening Pontifical High Mass (with the Ordination sub conditione of Father Timothy James Perkins) was at 12 noon followed by a break for lunch and the Synod Session began slightly later than planned at 3pm.
Please find below a brief report from the Diocesan Secretary, Dr Roy Fidge, on the Synod:

Delegates at the 16th Annual Synod of the Diocese of the United Kingdom were told by Bishop Starks (Bishop Ordinary of The Midwest and Episcopal Visitor to the DUK) in his Charge to the Synod, that they were all called to be one family. Sometimes they might find it difficult to get on together but as they grew together they would become stronger, united in serving The Lord. He said that they would find many joys ahead, and disappointments too. Many people say they would come and join the ACC if only we did ‘this’ or had ‘that’ but they were excuses simply to stay away. Bishop Starks said we had a core belief, we had stability, we had the Faith and they were the characteristics, which would attract those who really wanted to seek out the truth.

The Very Reverend Damien Mead, Vicar General, reported on his visitations to parishes and missions throughout the year. He said that many enquiries were made during the year but very few had made that leap of faith that was necessary to join the ACC. He thanked all the officers of the Diocese who had worked so tirelessly throughout the year to bring about a higher standard of professionalism in the way in which the Diocese is managed.

In other action Synod:

Adopted a budget of £2500 for 2007. In his Report, Treasurer Richard Mann (St Alban, Northolt) said that we had made substantial progress in recovering tax paid on donations to the Church through the gift Aid Scheme. The charity tins had produced nearly £200.
Consented to the appointment of:
– Dr Frank Wiswall as Chancellor
– The Rev Ray Thompson (Our Lady of Walsingham and St Francis, Rochester) as Vice Chancellor, Historiographer and Archivist
– Dr Roy Fidge (St Mary and St Eanswythe, Dartford) as Diocesan Secretary
– Mr Richard Mann (St Alban, Northolt) as Diocesan Treasurer
– The Rev Don Walker (St Bede, Thames Ditton) as Chairman of the Board of Ministry
– The Rev Desmond Spackman (St Paul, Harlesden) as Chaplain to Anglican Catholics at Large.

Elected the following to The Guardians of the Spiritualities (Council of Advice):

House of Clergy:
– The Very Rev D. Mead, (St Augustine, Canterbury) [Vicar General – Vice Chairman] – Ex Officio
– The Rev Dom Philip French OSB (St Ninian, Whitby) [Bishop’s Nominee]
– The Rev D Spackman (St Paul, Harlesden) [Chaplain to Anglicans at Large]
– The Rev R Thompson (Our Lady and St Francis, Rochester) [Vice Chancellor, Archivist and Historiographer]
– The Rev D Walker [Chairman of Board of Ministry]

House of Laity:
– Mr B Capper (Our Lady and St Francis)
– Mr P Walker (Our Lady and St Bernard, East Retford) [Bishop’s Nominee]
– Mr M Ighodaro (St Alban, Manchester)
– Mr J Upton (St Mary and St Eanswythe)
Ex Officio:
– Dr R Fidge (St Mary and St Eanswythe) [Diocesan Secretary; Member of Board of Ministry; Assistant Child Protection Officer]
– Mr R Mann (St Alban, Northolt) [Diocesan Treasurer]
– Mr R Hipkiss (St Augustine, Canterbury) [Child Protection Officer]

Received Reports from all the Parishes and Missions in the Diocese, in addition to those from the Vicar General, Diocesan Secretary, Diocesan Treasurer and other Officers in the Diocese.
Adopted a new Constitution for the Diocesan Charity to be lodged with the Charity Commissioners and unanimously agreed the proposed inclusion in the Provincial Canons of a clause, which all the Dioceses in the ACC have been asked to consider, being a clear statement of the Church’s belief in the Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament.
Sent Loyal Greetings to the Archbishop.
Agreed that the XVII Annual Diocesan Synod would be in London on Saturday 29 March 2008.