Anglican Catholic Church

High Mass and Ordination

On Sunday 23rd June 2002 the Archbishop, assisted by Bishop Mark Haverland (as deacon) and Fr Bosworth (as subdeacon) celebrated a Solemn High Mass and ordained the Revd Raymond Alan Malcolm Thompson (Curate at Our Lady of Walsingham and St Francis, Rochester, Kent) to the sacred priesthood. Father Thompson was supported by his family and the parish welcomed guests to the special occasion.

The service was followed by a champagne reception organised by Margaret Mead, Cathy Bosworth, Linda Harknett and Janet Barlow. The quality of the reception was so good that the Archbishop was heard to remark that he thought outside caterers had been 'brought in'.

Thanks was expressed to Padre Bob Green of the Royal Engineers, for allowing us the use of The Garrison Church, Brompton Barracks, for the service. The Church was in the midst of celebrating a Golden Jubilee Flower Festival so we were able to benefit from some spectacular flower displays.

The Service was filmed on video camera by Stuart Anderson and Roy Hipkiss and is available to buy priced £15 (incl postage). The editing and tape duplication has been professionally executed.