Provisional Mission of St Osmund, Dudley, West Midlands

Who was St Osmund?

St Osmund was a nephew to King William I and is first encountered as his Chancellor. He proved himself an able and fair administrator, but Osmund’s call was to the service of God at his altars and the King eventually bowed to God’s will, St Osmund became second Bishop of Sarum in 1078.

St Osmund’s holiness became evident and widespread not just in Britain but in continental Europe within his own lifetime. He helped to heal the wounds of the conquest and uniting Anglo Saxon and Norman clergy, feasts and practises, his scholarship and learning, his promotion of the spread of learning and making books and good formation in the faith more readily available and in his compiling of a consuetudinary which became the basis of much Canon Law for secular clergy across many modern denominations.

St Osmund’s secular work was not quite done however, his services were called on again by the King to facilitate the great survey that has in later times attracted the name of “Domesday”. It’s thoroughness (while no doubt owing much to the Anglo Saxon Civil Service and their non-survivng documentation) is also testament to the sound and thorough carefulness of St Osmund.

His most loved achievement is undoubtedly his compilation of the beautiful Use of Sarum: Renowned for its holiness and delightful capacity to draw us nearer to God and seek His will for us. The Use of Sarum continues to inspire many people, both ordained and lay alike, to draw ever closer to God and leave off the distractions of this world. When Henry VIII established the Church of England, the King, Parliament and Convocation passed an Act making Sarum (in the See of Canterbury) the first official liturgy of the Anglican Communion.

Today Sarum draws interest and support amongst, Anglican, Roman and Orthodox Christians and is a potential point of unity amongst God’s Faithful as Witnesses to Christ feel drawn to the beauty and holiness of this wonderful Use.

After his death, St Osmund, by God’s grace was enabled to work many miracles, often for the most destitute members of society.



The Revd Fr Mark Morgan

Priest in charge

Tel: 07799 578384




St Osmund’s meets in the Old School House, St John’s Road, Kate’s Hill, Dudley. Our growing congregation (drawn from Anglican and Roman routes) are a friendly and welcoming community, unified by a thirst for God, sound Theological teaching in line with the Church Fathers and Seven Ecumenical Councils, coupled to an appreciation of beautiful traditional liturgy.


At St Osmund’s we are privileged to celebrate Mass according to the beautiful Sarum Use, offering a point of unity to Christians in a secularised world amidst divided Churches. We are grateful to Bishop Mead’s kindness and pastoral sensitivity for giving us his blessing  to use this liturgy.

We are also hoping to build a choir to sing Medieval and Renaissance polyphony, please do get in touch of you are interested.

St Osmund’s also has regular visits from members of the Templar Knights Albion, a Fraternal, Philanthropic and Chivalric Christian Order under the spiritual protection of our Bishop Damien Mead.

Service Times
Mass according to Use of Sarum on Sundays at 10.00am in English and 11.30am in Latin
Provisional Mission of St Osmund, The Old School, St. Johns Road, Dudley, West Midlands, DY2 7JT

Please also look out for Masses and other services (usually at 11.00 am on Major Feast Days) advertised outside the Mission and on our Facebook Page: