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The Bishops Visit in February 2015

The Bishops Visit in February 2015

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12th Century Chapel of St Giles in Upton Castle, Cosheston, Pembrokeshire

12th Century Chapel of St Giles in Upton Castle, Cosheston, Pembrokeshire

Regular Services are being held here, with the kind permission of the owners of the Castle.

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Fr Miles Maylors with Bishop Mead

Fr Miles Maylors with Bishop Mead

Church of St Deiniol and Asaph with St Giles / Eglwys Sant Deiniol ac Asaph gyda Giles


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The Revd Dr Miles Maylor

The Revd Dr Miles Maylor

Priest in charge

Parish Priest / Offeiriad Plwyf
Rev'd Dr / Y Parch Ddr Miles E Maylor

Tel: 01437 760281 Mobile: 07967 584670 email:

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The Church welcomes enquiries and visitors, and those just testing the waters to see whether or not God is calling them to become part of it. We are all exploring Gods goodness and mercy as we seek to be faithful to the wonderful heritage He has given us. To paraphrase what the Bible says in the Book of Acts, we are growing together, being fed by Apostolic teaching and sacraments, and looking to the needs of those who need comfort and encouragement. We are not a negative bunch, or reacting against those who have taken new paths, but we do believe that the universal catholic church will enjoy good fruit if it remains faithful to things it has believed and practiced for centuries. As St Vincent of Lerins said: We hold that which has been believed everywhere, always, and by everyone. Incidentally, he has been quoted by Pope Francis, pointing out that this does not mean stagnating. Our worship is heartfelt and reverent and will be mostly familiar to those who know the Green Book: Book of Common Prayer. We try to refresh our knowledge of the basis of our faith, and are willing to be taught, and to learn, making sure that people dont feel they will be shown up or embarrassed. We want to be reassured, and informed about our faith at a time when it is faced with so many fundamental challenges.

In April 2015 at the Diocesan Synod in Bolton the Provisional Fellowship petitioned to be accepted as a full Mission in the Diocese and was unanimously accepted and enrolled as such.

Service Times

Service times:
Sundays: 11am Mass - in The Chapel of Upton Castle, Cosheston, Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire, Wales SA72 4SE, (with the kind permission of the castle owners).

Monthly Womens Prayer Group: Details from Mrs Margaret Bendelow: Tel: 01646 687089

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Fr Maylor will be giving a devotional talk for Holy Week. Details in the link below.