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The Church

The Church

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Inside the Church - Corpus Christi 2014

Inside the Church - Corpus Christi 2014

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Relic of the Veil of the BVM

Relic of the Veil of the BVM


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The Bishops Cathedra

The Bishops Cathedra

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Fr Anthony Chadwick, playing for us on one of his visits from France.

Fr Anthony Chadwick, playing for us on one of his visits from France.

Church of St Augustine of Canterbury

5b Best Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2JB


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Bishop Damien Mead

Bishop Damien Mead


Rector: Bishop Damien Mead Tel: 01797 321704 Email: bishopmead(at)

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The Anglican Catholic Church of St Augustine was formed in May 2005 and originally meeting at Canterbury City Cemetery Chapel.

On Low Sunday, 15th April 2007, Bishop Rommie Starks, Episcopal Visitor to the Diocese of the United Kingdom, formally blessed and dedicated the new Church in the City Centre (within sight of Canterbury Cathedral) and just off the High Street. A former non conformist place of worship reclaimed by us from secular use and dedicated to our patron, St Augustine - the first Archbishop of Canterbury.

In 2008 our Priest in Charge was elected and on 20th September 2008 duly consecrated as the Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of the United Kingdom. The Right Revd Damien Mead remains Rector of our small Church as well as fulfilling his Diocesan duties. The Church, although extremely tiny compared to our illustrious near neighbour, is also the Pro-Cathedral of the Diocese because it houses Bishop Mead's 'Cathedra' or 'Throne'.

Also in 2008 Bishop Mead commissioned an Icon of a local Saint, Blessed Elizabeth Barton, known as the 'Maid of Kent' or "Nun of Kent" who was a benedictine nun at St. Sepulchre's Convent in Canterbury (the area is now known as Nunnery Fields) Blessed Elizabeth had visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary and was martyred on the orders of Henry VIII on 21st of April, 1534. The Icon and its story has been featured in Local Newspapers and on BBC Radio Kent. We believe it to be the only such depiction of Blessed Elizabeth Barton in the world. Bishop Starks (mentioned above) blessed the Icon on Easter Day 2008.

A recent development for our Parish is the opening of the "Canterbury Church Shop and Pilgrims' Refectory" in the nearby historic 'Conquest House' 17 Palace Street, about 5 minutes walk around the corner from St Augustines. Why not visit on a Wednesday when you could combine a visit to Church for Mass at 12 noon with an afternoon visit to the shop !!!

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Service Times


11am Sung Mass

On the 1st Sunday of the Month a short Healing Service immediately follows Mass.

On the 3rd Sunday of the Month at 1.30pm, an Adult Study Group Meets to discuss various topics including Bible Study, Doctrine, Church History, Prayer etc.


12 noon Low Mass (Please check for last minute changes at the moment)

Major Holy Days

12 noon Low Mass

Holy Days of Obligation

12 noon Sung Mass (Please check latest Sunday Newsheet for information)


- There is a WC in Church - but its use is restricted to after the Service (or before if arriving sufficiently early) because it is accessed through the Vestry. There is a very good WC (including disabled provision) in the Best Lane Blue Badge Holders Car park (diagonally opposite the front of the Church).

- Car Park for disabled blue badge holders in Best Lane (behind the Beaney Institute & Library) - however blue badge holders can also park 'on road' in the nearby Orange Street.

- Nearest Non Disabled Car Park - Pound Lane - follow signs for Marlowe Theatre Parking. There is a walk way around the Marlow Theatre that means the car park is only 10 minutes walk from the Church

- Rail Stations - Canterbury West (20 min walk) Canterbury East ( 30 min walk)

- Bus Station - 20 mins walk

Organist Required - Sunday Service (Fee Paid)

Experienced Organist Required - mainly for our Sunday Service (possible mid week services from time to time). An ability and willingness to act as Cantor to sing the Propers (English Gradual) at Mass would be especially appreciated but not essential. Experience and knowledge of the importance of music in the Liturgy is desirable. Fee: £25 - £45 per service on Self-employed basis (Dependent on Experience).

Sunday Sung Mass: 11am (lasts approx 1.5 hours) usually 4 hymns (chosen by Rector), music before, during and after. We are a tiny Church with a small ...but slowly growing congregation in the heart of the ancient City of Canterbury. Warm and friendly. We are a traditional Anglican Catholic Church using the Anglican Missal and Book of Common Prayer. Merbecke is the preferred setting for Mass with hymns from the New English Hymnal.

Our organ is a Johannus Opus 220 organ (pictured). It has two manuals and a full standard pedal board. Tonal quality is excellent. Great: Diapason 8, Stopped Flute 8, Gamba 8, Octave 4, Open Flute 4, Twelfth 2.2/3, Octave 2, Super Quint 1.1/3, Octave 1, Mixture V, Trumpet 8, Clarion 4, Tremulant, Swell: Quintaton 16, Diapason 8, Salicional 8, Rohr Flute 8, Octave 4, Coppel Flute 4, Flute Twelfth 2.2/3, Flute 2, Sesquialtera II, Fagotto 16, Cromorne 8, Tremulant, Coupler Swell to Great Pedals: Double Bass 16, Sub Bass 16, Principal 8, Gedackt 8, Twelth 5.1/3, Octave 4, Mixture, Contra Trumpet 16, Clarion 4. Couplers from Swell and Great.
Contact: Bishop Damien

Outreach & Mission

The Parish takes seriously the need to support other worthy causes and to help those in need. We support the Missionary Society of St Paul, ACC's outreach and Mission arm which supports projects around the world wide Church. Locally we support various charities including the homeless Charity 'Porchlight' in Canterbury.
We also belong to and through that organisation support individuals in the developing third world with interest free loans to help them help themselves. You can find out more or perhaps even join us in this endeavour by clicking on the link below:

Help St Augustine's Church Make a Difference ..




Links to a couple of YouTube videos from the Parish

"Ave Maria" during Midnight Mass 2011
Ms Jennifer Rigden, our Church's Cantor, sings 'Ave Maria' after the distribution of Holy Communion at the Midnight Mass 2011. Short Clip

Midnight Mass, Christmas Eve 2011 (2)
Anglican Catholic Church of St Augustine, Canterbury, Kent, UK Our custom is to sing "Blessed and praised be Jesus Christ, in the most holy sacrament. Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna in the excelsis." three times after Holy Communion as an act of adoration and thanksgiving. Short Clip