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Religious Life in the Anglican Catholic Church

We have all heard how Religious Orders are dwindling in size and in number throughout the world and in the major denominations. In fact, many of the traditional Orders, those that have held to the old forms of dress and life, are experiencing some growth. Young people are looking for a way to serve God and His people in this world and they are looking for a committed life, a life full of love, and hard work, and time for the important things in life, and most especially, time to get to know our Lord.

The Religious Life does not come with any guarantees, but we think we can assure you, you will find a way of giving yourself up to service of those who need you most. Religious life is busy, peaceful, quiet, fulfilling and tough. You will fall into bed exhausted at night, sleep well and wake to a new day, ready to take on all that God asks you to do.

The Anglican Catholic Church is a small Church, with a small number of Religious, but as we draw closer into communion with other continuing Anglican Churches internationally, so too more opportunities will develop for the Religious Life in our Communion.

So, how about you?

Would you like more information? We would be most happy to talk to anyone who is interested in what we are doing. There is room for everyone who has an interest in Religious Life, whether you are just curious, just starting out, or are a long time member of one of the Religious Orders in the ACC. There is someone who would be more than happy to talk to you by phone, converse by e-mail or even snailmail, or, perhaps, just sit down and have a chat sometime.

Seek us out.

Talk to us.


Test the waters.






Talk to us again and then give it a try!

You may find yourself right at the very time, in the

very spot that God wants you to be.

Below you will find information about three Orders in the ACC

The Congregation of the Good Samaritan

After six years of hard work, the Congregation of the Good Samaritan was officially established as an Order within the Anglican Catholic Church by decree of D. Pressley Hutchens, Bishop Ordinary, Diocese of New Orleans on Trinity Sunday in the Year of Our Lord 2009.

Religious Orders have been around in the ACC since the beginning in 1978 - but because of our size and the distance between churches and between dioceses, small local groups have sprung up here and there, and often have then died out, leaving one or two faithful members trying to keep their Rule and live a community life in a community of just one or two or leaving an Oblate or a couple of Third Order Members stranded without the support of Professed Religious.

The Congregation of the Good Samaritan is attempting to address the problem by opening their community to any member(s) of a Religious Order in the ACC, and the Continuing Churches in Communion with the ACC, who have no religious house or community of their own to call home.

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The Franciscan Order of the Divine Compassion (FODC)

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The Benedictine Order (OSB)

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