Anglican Catholic Church

ACC Merchandise

The Diocesan Office has produced, under the auspices of "The Anglican Catholic Bookshop" (not to be confused a range of ACC specific merchandise.

Please note: we realise that some of the prices are rather high - regretfully small runs for our relatively small market / clientele has resulted in higher prices than we would like.

Postage & Packing

Postage and Packing is extra and should be added to the order:
Please add 10% Postage & Packing

To Order

Please see the items for sale on the Price List above (both a .pdf file and a .jpg) and send Cheques - in £ Sterling - Payable to "Anglican Catholic Bookshop for the full amount, including 10% Postage and Packing per order, to: Anglican Catholic Bookshop, c/o ACC Diocesan office, St Nicholas House, 42-48 High street, Lydd, Kent TN29 9AN.

Payment Via Paypal

Payment may also be made via Paypal. Please list your order details and supply your name and address in the Special Instructions for Seller section, with full payment. Don?t forget your name and address. Please contact the Diocesan Office for further details.

Click Here to pay by PayPal.