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Passing of stalwart parishioner

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Danny Rumens

Danny Rumens

One of the most faithful and devoted members of the Church, and of our Rochester congregation, Danny Rumens, passed from this life on Whit Monday, 24 May 2021. He was 76.

The Venerable Raymond Thompson, former parish priest in Rochester who paid many pastoral visits to Danny, writes:

No-one could deny that knowing Danny was an experience. Having been his priest and pastor for 18 years or so, and visiting him regularly in the care home where he spent the last three years of his life, I look back on the countless discussions we had with a mixture of affection and exasperation. He always had questions about the Faith, about the Church, and about many of life’s imponderables, and he had an uncanny knack of getting hold of the wrong end of the stick and taking away from the conversation the complete opposite of what I had explained. His was a simple faith which had been his strength and stay his whole life. He was not without moments of doubt, which sometimes caused him some distress, but the underlying strength of his belief in the loving God and the prayers of Our Lady always overcame those doubts and upheld him in dark moments which he declared to be the work of the devil.

It was on the feast of the Assumption in 2003 that he first came to Mass in the ACC chapel in Rochester, and he knew straight away that he had returned home to the kind of worship that he loved and of which he felt he had been deprived as a life-long member of the Roman Catholic Church. He could be relied upon to be at Mass every Sunday and on most weekdays, even though he became increasingly infirm and it took him the best part of an hour to walk the short distance to the chapel, with several stops for a roll-up on the way. He served at mass on weekdays, and eventually on Sundays as well.

He often exhibited confusion and chaos, sometimes with an unintentionally hilarious effect, but it was rapidly advancing dementia which debilitated him during the last few years. Danny was undoubtedly one of the great and unforgettable characters. My life has been greatly enriched by having Dan as a part of it. He often said he was not afraid of dying and was looking forward to seeing his Lord, and indeed his parents again.

I thank you, Danny, for all the times we shared, and not a few laughs. May you rest in eternal light and peace. God bless you.