Anglican Catholic Church

Devotional Work in Colombia

The Right Reverend Germán Hurtado, Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of New Granada, ( Diócesis de la Nueva Granada ) South America recently shared photographs of the construction of the High Altar at his new Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament (la Catedral del Santísimo Sacramento) in Pereira, Colombia.

Bishop Germán explained that the inspiration came from a photograph of a medieval altar (as pictured). With four spaces to accommodate images of Saints. In the middle there will be a tabernacle to house the Blessed Sacrament. He added, To the glory of God, we will have a nice cathedral.

The Altar is being constructed in situ from Canadian pine wood. It will have a reredos of red wine paint and gold leaf.

Fr. Edgardo, who is an experienced carpenter, from Chile (which is one of the four countries under the Bishops jurisdiction - the others being Colombia itself, Venezuela and Brazil) is working on the altar. Bishop Germán is also fully involved in the construction. Fr. Edgardo will be staying in Colombia for two months thanks to the generous support of Mrs Kent Garbee, an ACC member who lives in Georgia, USA.