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Prayer needed for DRC

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Photo from our Africa Appeal

Photo from our Africa Appeal

This has just arrived from Bishop Steven in Sud-Kivu, DRC (Congo). The 'Monts Mitumba' rise to the east of Lake Tanganyika.

'I have just received a phone call which has informed me that the Parishes of St. Michael, Ikunda, and St. Joseph, Kinyokwe, have been devastated by violent combat between the Mai-Mai militia from the Bafuliro tribe and that of the Banyamulenge Tutsi, in the Mitumba Mountains. The government has sent the army to calm the situation, but today, it seems that they have taken their part in the fighting. We have no information about the priests in charge because it is impossible to contact them by phone. The last news that we have had is that they are hiding in the forest. Their houses and churches have been burnt during the fighting between the two armed groups. Please pray for the parishioners who are hiding in the forest during this rainy season.'