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Whom Seek Ye? - A book by Fr Jonathan Munn

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Whom See Ye?

Whom See Ye?

From Bishop Damien Mead's Foreword to Fr Jonathan Munn's newly published book 'Whom Seek Ye'?.

"This book has been written to fulfil an important and urgent need for this Diocese in providing an opportunity for newcomers to the Anglican Catholic Church to explore what we believe and why. There is nothing new or unique in our Faith and Practice as traditional Anglican Catholics, we do not claim to be THE one true Church - but believe we are part of THE One True Church. Father Jonathan Munn, OblOSB, has risen to the challenge I gave him when commissioning this book and I thank him and heartily recommend it.

Everyone comes to the same Christian Faith from a different direction, and we believe that, while the Church's doctrine is fixed, our journey to and within that doctrine is not and needs careful guidance. There can be no one-size-fits-all approach to catechism (teaching the faith) especially in the present day and age in which self-discovery is high in the minds of people. There is, within the following pages, clear opportunity and direction for the newcomer to learn from discussion with a mentor. One simply cannot learn the faith by books: it must be lived with others. Even the reading of Holy Scripture needs to be read in a Christian community for it to inform and encourage the soul.

Readers can rest assured that, although the Anglican Catholic Church is very small in the United Kingdom, it has people within it who are happy to share their journeys to God with those who are interested. The practice of the Catholic Religion must come from the heart. This book seeks to help reconcile what we believe with what we do, and readers would do well to see how the Works of Mercy fit in with their lives. Our duty to tend to the needs of others must be informed by what we believe, and not the other way around as some may think in this day and age.

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