Anglican Catholic Church

Tending his flock

Our Bishop, Damien Mead, looks after the Diocese but he also has a flock of a different kind to tend. He has a number of chickens at his home, but only, he stresses, for their eggs and the enjoyment they bring. After all, he named each chicken after his great aunts and, as he says, it would never do to eat an auntie! With each of his ladies producing one-egg-a-day, there is never any shortage.
Bishop Damien has, over time, become known for collecting rubber bath ducks! Infact due to the generosity of so many people he has rubber bath ducks from around the world! But unlike the ducks - these chickens are real - well apart from the toy one pictured with the cartoon of eggs! To keep on top of the egg production, and for a little fun, the bishop even has some labels printed which indicate the date on which the eggs were collected.