Anglican Catholic Church

Promoting The Trinitarian Newspaper

Dear friends, followers and visitors.

Our Bishop has undertake to promote subscriptions to the ACC's International Newspaper "The Trinitarian". Please consider , if you don't already, a subscription for yourself OR perhaps as we approach Christmas, a gift subscription for someone you know.

The Trinitarian is the Official Gazette of the Anglican Catholic Church. First published in April of 1979 as an organ of the Diocese of the Holy Trinity, USA, it became a church-wide publication in 1982, and is distributed today throughout the world.

In addition to publishing news, editorials, and reviews, as Official Gazette of the ACC, The Trinitarian is charged with printing notices of Acts of Synod, actions by the College of Bishops, and any matters of policy that the College may direct.

The Trinitarian is published six times annually--January, March, May, July, September, and November.

Subscriptions can be placed directly online here:

To pay online, click on the clink below, or, follow these easy steps:
Log on and access
Click on the News link at the top of the page.
On the News page, click on The Trinitarian.
On The Trinitarian page, choose your subscription option (Digital Only, Print Only or Digital and Print), click on the Buy Now icon connecting to PayPal and make your payment. If you have a PayPal Account this is straightforward, but I believe you can pay without opening an account. PayPal is probably the most secure method of paying for things online.

Online subscription payment rates are:
Digital edition only, US$23 per year;
Print edition only, US$26.05 per year; and
Print and digital editions, $29.15 per year).

These rates include a processing fee.

The introduction of online subscription payments is part of a commitment by THE TRINITARIAN to make the publication more reader-friendly in the digital age. The process began in January 2011, when a digital edition of the newspaper, identical in content and appearance to the print edition, was introduced.

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