Anglican Catholic Church

Changes in Bristol

On Saturday 20th October 2018 Br Juniper (James Tuite) CGS, notified the bishop that he had decided after much thought and prayer (and for personal reasons) to resign from the Ministry of Lay Reader in the Diocese and that he also intended asking Bishop John-Benedict CGS, Governor General of the Congregation of the Good Samaritan, to release him from the Noviciate. The bishop has confirned that he has accepted the resignation and Br John-Benedict, CGS., has also acted on behalf of the order.

The Mission of Our Lady of Glastonbury, which mainly operated from Mr Tuite?s home in Bristol, will now revert in real terms to the non canonical status of a ?House Group? - although this will not happen formally until Synod. Happily Dr Robert Wilson, (pictured) who is also a Licenced Lay Reader, has agreed to take over as the local contact from his home in Bath.