Anglican Catholic Church

Diocesan Council Breaks a Record!

On Saturday 14th July the Bishops Diocesan Council of Advice Meeting in Westminster was a little unusual. At the Diocesan Synod in April we had a lot of people elected and/or appointed for the first time. Five of those pictured here were attending their first meeting and we had apologies from another new member who wasn?t able to attend. It is always very interesting and very healthy that new people have been willing to volunteer or consent to be appointed. The bishop, commenting on the composition of the Council said; "having six new people in total on the Council probably hasn?t occurred since the foundation of the Diocese in 1992 - or perhaps after some of the difficulties we had in 1997!"

The Role of the Council is to advise the bishop and assist with the temporalities of the Diocese. In the event that the See falls vacant the Council also become the Guardians of the Spiritualities until the election and appointment of a new Bishop.