Anglican Catholic Church

Resignation of Deacon

On 6th July 2018 the Reverend Richard James Mulholland forwarded a letter of resignation (for personal reasons) from the Ministry of the Anglican Catholic Church, to the Bishop.
Bishop Mead presented the acceptance of this resignation for ratification, under the provision of Title X: Canon 10.8.03 of the Provincial Canons, to the Bishop's Council of Advice meeting in Westminster, London, on Saturday 14th July 2018.
The necessary canonical 2/3rd majority of the voting members of Council being in agreement, the Bishop and Diocesan Secretary signed the notice of acceptance of this relinquishment and renunciation and deposed the aforementioned deacon, from the Ministry of the Anglican Catholic Church, thereby releasing him from the obligations of the Ministerial Office, and depriving him of all exercise of the gifts and spiritual authority conferred upon him by his Ordination.