Anglican Catholic Church

Revocation of Licence

The Right Reverend Damien Mead, Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of the United Kingdom, revoked the Licence of The Reverend Richard James Mulholland (Deacon), as Assistant Curate of St Augustine's Church, Painters Forstal, Kent, in accordance with Canon 12.14.04* of the Provincial Canons.

No appeal of his decision has been received by Bishop Mead, or the Archbishop, during the statutory 1 month period following. Furthermore, Deacon Mulholland has been released from his role as the Diocesan Risk Assessment Officer and of Chaplain to the Anglican Catholic Fellowship (Southern Deanery) - the latter appointment having been made in April this year at the Diocesan Synod, but for which ministry no Licence had been formally issued.

*§12.14.04 Revocation of Licence.
Any Bishop Ordinary of this Church may revoke summarily, and without further process, any Licence granted under his Hand and Seal to any On Clergyman within his Diocese or other Jurisdiction, save as set forth in Section 12.14.03, for any cause which shall appear to him to be good and reasonable, after having given such Clergyman sufficient opportunity of showing reason to the contrary: Provided that any such Clergyman may, within one (1) month after service upon him of such revocation, appeal to the Metropolitan of that Province, who shall either confirm or annul such revocation as to him shall appear just and proper in the circumstances and in the best interests of the Church.