Anglican Catholic Church

Diocesan Synod Condemns Warfare and Violence in Syria

A major resolution was passed at our recent Diocesan Synod condemning the warfare and violence in Syria.

"Be it resolved that the Bishop, Clergy and Laity of the Anglican Catholic Church, Diocese of the United Kingdom, meeting in Synod in the City of Westminster, UK, on Saturday 21st April 2018, while recognising that international politics are complex and far from simple, and that there is a need in some circumstances for the International Community to take a variety of actions, including military action, when faced with clearly identified dangers and threats do urge the governments of those nations which have recently engaged in, or are contemplating military action, in Syria, to give more time and effort to the pursuing of diplomatic solutions to the growing problems in that volatile region.

Christianity has, over many centuries, seen the development of a Just War tradition, which although not a settled doctrine, tries to evaluate potential conflicts and to influence other conflicts once they have begun. The use of ?Chemical Weapons?, ?Weapons of Mass Destruction? and indiscriminate killing, are clearly not in any way justifiable and the Church quite rightly condemns their use. The universality of sin insures that there will always, until the Day of Judgement, be insatiably evil men, who, unmoved by reason or tears, make certain that wars, like the poor, will always be with us. But this does not contradict the fact that the Christian Faith is essentially and fundamentally that of Peace and that we follow the Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Peace. The Christian Church has a responsibility and a divinely given mandate to proclaim peace as a mark of God?s intention for His creation and for mankind.

We do therefore urge all Christian people to pray, fast, and work wherever possible, for Peace in Syria and throughout the Middle East and elsewhere in the world where armed conflicts occur.

Furthermore, recognising the suffering of all people in the region. We do hereby send Christian Greetings and an assurance of prayer and deep concern especially to Their Beatitudes; the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, John X; the Syrian Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, Ignatius Aphrem II; and the Melkite-Greek Catholic Patriarch of Antioch, Alexandria, and Jerusalem, Joseph Absi, and their clergy and Christian people, recognising their suffering for the Gospel of Christ in the Region especially in recent times.

The Right Revd Damien Mead (Bishop Ordinary)
The Venerable Raymond Thompson (Archdeacon)
Dr Roy Fidge (Diocesan Secretary)