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Launch of Dutch Chaplaincy

The Chaplaincy of St. Boniface of Fulda is a very small, but dedicated, new missionary effort of the Anglican Catholic Church. It is located in the North-East of the Netherlands. We currently have 5 regular attendees (including the Priest and two teenage boys).

The Mission is in the care of Fr Gregory Wassen, within the Deanery of Europe, Diocese of the United Kingdom.

Fr Wassen writes: The mission is placed under the patronage of the great evangelist, reformer, and bishop Saint Boniface of Fulda. It was this fiery Benedictine monk who began a successful effort to convert the Saxons to Christianity in Northern Europe (especially in neighboring Germany). It is our hope and fervent prayer that the intercession of St. Boniface may prove as effectual to the conversion of 21st century Europe as his efforts were in 7th century Europe.

We currently do not own our own facility, nor can we afford to rent one weekly, for Mass. By the hospitality of the local Liberal Dutch Protestant Community we are able to have Mass in the Church of St. Stefanus (located in Westerbork) about once a month. At other times we have Mass when possible in a local museum building in Orvelte. Due to the nature of the museum the availability is limited.

The previous month, the 18th of June to be precise, saw the first Mass performed in the Church of St. Stefanus (Stephen the First Martyr) since the Protestant Reformation forced the Monks (Benedictines) out.

Next month it is our great joy to receive His Grace Bishop Damien Mead who is providing Episcopal oversight on behalf of Archbishop Haverland. Unfortunately we will not be able to use the Church in Westerbork, but we are no less pleased to receive our first Episcopal visit at St. Boniface's!

The Chaplaincy has its own website.

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