Anglican Catholic Church

New Beginnings in Rochester

A wonderfully big celebration for our very little Church today - Saturday 3rd June. The Bishop came to celebrate Mass, preach and License and induct Fr Jeen Thomas as our Priest in Charge.

The Reverend Dr Jeen Thomas was received into the full communion of the ACC on Trinity Sunday (22nd May) 2016 by Bishop Mead, from the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church of India (Part of the Roman Catholic Church). Fr Thomas has been in touch with the Bishop for a number of years and was interviewed by the Board of Ministry earlier in 2016. He had recently relocated to the UK from Italy where he had been living for sometime. He hopes that his wife and young son who are still in Italy will be able to follow him in due course.
Fr Thomas was ordained Priest in the Diocese of Changanacherry, Kerla, South India by Archbishop Joseph Powathil in 1996 and holds various qualifications from India and Italy. In India he served as a Parish Priest and Chaplain to a Convent. He also served as the Director of a Church Orphanage in Kalyan Diocese.

A goodly congregation including guests representing the RE Garrison Church of St Barbara, attended the Mass and saw the Bishop receive Fr Jeen's Canonical Oaths, present him with the keys to the Church - assisted by Mrs Vicki Farrant (representing the congregation) - and seat him in his Chair. Afterwards everyone enjoyed a delicious finger buffet and refreshments provided by Andy and Sam Hall (including a "Welcome Fr Jeen" iced chocolate cake - which Fr Jeen cut to rapturous applause!)