Anglican Catholic Church

XXVI Diocesan Synod in April

The XXVI Synod of the Diocese of the United Kingdom (Anglican Catholic Church) will be held, Dv, on Saturday 29th April 2017. By kind permission the Synod will once again be held at Methodist Central Hall, Storeys Gate, Westminster (Opposite Westminster Abbey). Beginning with Pontifical Sung Mass at 11am in The Chapel (which we invite all people of good will to attend). The Synod meeting will convene in the Broadbent Room under the Chapel at approximately 1.15pm. There will be a pre Synod Meal at a London Restaurant on the Friday evening before the Synod - details to follow. If you would like to attend the Synod Mass and join us in worship please contact the Diocesan Office or comment on out Contact Page.
This year our Diocese celebrates 25 years - a Silver Jubilee.