Anglican Catholic Church

Recent events in the Church of England concerning Bishop Philip North:

Bishop Damien Mead writes:

"We are at this time praying for our traditional Anglican brothers and sisters in the Church of England and especially for the Bishop of Burnley, The Right Reverend Philip North, who has decided he cannot be the next Bishop of Sheffield, following weeks of protest at his appointment.

Sadly, it is not a surprise to us, given the experiences many of our members have had before being received into the full communion of the Anglican Catholic Church, very often accompanied by deep heartache and sacrifice. But, nevertheless, such matters, so widely publicised and in stark contrast to the assurances given to the remaining traditionalist members of the Church of England, cause damage to the wider Body of Christ and undermines the Great Commission to which all Christians are commanded by Our Lord.

That Bishop Philip North should twice have been subjected to this kind of opposition (in 2012 he withdrew his acceptance of Bishop of Whitby) is especially sad and we have nothing but admiration for his personal dignity in the face of such difficulties. It is good to see that he has received significant support from many in the Church of England especially from those outside his traditionalist party, including some women clergy and bishops. Nevertheless, the Church of England has, in tandem with the major and significant changes it has made in recent years to orthodox, apostolic and catholic faith and practice, given many and various assurances and made claims that it is committed to, and broad enough to embrace, two integrities and to the flourishing of mutual respect between them. It would seem that in reality this is increasingly difficult to deliver.

The Anglican Catholic Church obviously has grave difficulty with this dual integrity approach. But we do not gain any pleasure nor rejoice when this clearly does not seem to be the case in practice. Once again our prayers are with all who have been hurt and affected over this matter.

In Christ Jesus,