Anglican Catholic Church

Canterbury Church Redecorated

At the beginning of November 2016, St Augustine's Church, Canterbury, Kent, was closed for 2 weeks to enable it to be redecorated inside - including the ceiling in the vestry. Long overdue and delayed because of the damp and water damage from the lead that was stolen from their roof. They needed to wait for the builders and roofers to finish their work and the replacement of the frame of the Window above the Altar which had completely rotted away. The hard work of redecoration was undertaken by Andy and Samantha Hall (with a little bit of help from their children too!) These photos give a taste of what was needed! They still have some damp problems and a new carpet hasn't been laid because of some floor problems. Thanks to the generosity of the late Mrs Gillian Parry they had funds for the work available. The outside will be next - in due course!