Anglican Catholic Church

Theft of Lead

Our Canterbury Parish has discovered that some time ago lead was stolen from the Church roof, which has subsequently led to troublesome water ingress.
Commenting on the problem Bishop Damien Mead, who is also the Rector, said "... I have just been told that the damp problems in our little Church in Canterbury have been caused (or at the very least been given a huge boost) by the actions of certain unknown individuals. Some months ago the Church suffered the vandalism of an iron drainpipe and the accompanying smashing of a few small panes of glass. Apparently what we didn't know was the vandalism wasn't high-jinx from drunken revellers late at night - but actually incidental damage caused by some lovely people while engaged in stripping the Church roof of its lead!"
The Church is to soon undergo repairs and damp treatment. During this the 'east' window above the altar is to have its wooden frame repaired and the chirch will be redecorated and recarpeted.