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Canterbury Parish Breaks Through 2k Lendwithcare Barrier

Our Canterbury Parish has broken through the 2000 (pounds) barrier by so far lending 2,077.81 (since November 2012) in micro finance loans which registered developing world entrepreneurs pay back overtime and which is then relent to new projects. Commenting Bishop Damien Mead, Rector of the Pro-cathedral parish, said: "Micro Finance isn't perfect but it helps people unable to secure funding in other ways and it encourages and allows them to work to better themselves and their families and communities."

From as little as 15 (Pounds Sterling) you to can join us the Parish's endeavour. Click on the link below, sign up and ask to join the Parish, you remain in control of your loan. You choose from a selection of projects to invest in, when they have paid you back you can reinvest - you get no interest on your investment (except seeing the good that can be achieved). The Lendwithcare organisation charges interest to the borrowers, to fund the organisation, but this is to ensure that the structure works well and each project can be engaged with locally and checked to ensure it is real!

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