Anglican Catholic Church

The Church in Wales (Yr EGLWYS yng NGHYMRU)

Bishop Mead has commented on the recent decision by the Church in Wales (Yr EGLWYS yng NGHYMRU) to admit women to its Episcopate.

"Even with all that has been happening in Scotland recently I haven't forgotten in my prayers and thoughts recent events in another part of the United Kingdom. The Church in Wales has made some decisions this past few weeks that has caused considerable upset and disappointment for many folk there. Just as per my comments in July, on the Church of England's decision earlier this year, concerning women bishops, I know the process has caused pain on both sides. The invitation we make for traditional faithful Anglicans to join the Anglican Catholic Church - Diocese of the United Kingdom (Anglicanaidd Eglwys Gatholig - yr Esgobaeth am y Deyrnas Unedig) is one option for those who cannot stay in all good conscience where they are."