Anglican Catholic Church

Recent decision by the Church of England's General Synod

Bishop Mead has been asked to make a statement concerning the above.

He has responded by saying: "I am truly sorry that good and faithful Christian's on both sides of the debate have been hurt by their experiences in the discussions concerning this matter, and that the decision to move forward with the admission of women to the Church of England's episcopate, whilst bringing joy to many, has also brought to many others further pain and dismay." He continued "It will come as no surprise to most people that I do not agree with the decision of the General Synod, but since I am not a member of the Church of England, and the ACC has never needed nor sought recognition from that body, it is not for me to comment more, nor possible for me to do any more, than pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ in the hope that Orthodox, Apostolic and Catholic Faith and practice will return to the State Church. The Anglican Catholic Church's invitation to those Anglican's who cannot remain in good conscience within the communion of the Church of England is as it has ever been.

Please click the link below to see the Invitation I made 4 years ago in July 2010"

An Invitation to Faithful Anglicans