Anglican Catholic Church

Lending Target Almost Reached

Our Canterbury Parish, (St Augustine's Church, Best Lane, Canterbury) joined the Lendwithcare organisation in November 2012 with the aim of lending 2000 (GBP) in Micro-Finance loans to Entrepreneurs in developing countries within 2 years of joining. So far this has resulted in the Parish making 78 micro finance loans totalling 1,942.81 (GBP) ... Bishop Mead, St Augustine's Rector has invited family, friends and members of the Church to join us and help them push past the 2,000 (GBP) barrier? It starts from as little as 15.00 (GBP). Much of the money loaned has been paid back, to be re-loaned, only in rare cases, such as the recent hurricane in the Philippines is disruption caused.
Bishop Damien ended by saying "What happens when we reach our target of 2,000? We set a new target!"

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