Anglican Catholic Church

Church Shop Welcomes New 'Staff Member'

The Canterbury Church Shop & Pilgrims Refectory, Conquest House, 17 Palace Street, Canterbury have a new 'team member'. Don't worry he isn't the new security guard - things aren't that bad in Canterbury (at least not quite)!
The new member of staff is actually just a suit of armour which was installed on Saturday 29th March 2014 after being found in a junk shop.
Commenting on the latest addition to the furnishing, Bishop Mead said "I know for the purists out there it is a modern, artificial suit and certainly not Norman ... But I think it enhances Conquest House very nicely indeed". He added, "Anything to draw more customers into the Refectory - I think he complements Cerith and Beatrice very well"

(There is only one suit - just moved to two different places for the photographs!)