Anglican Catholic Church

Celebration of 40 Years Ministry

Fr Michael Clothier, when a Reader in the CofE

Fr Michael Clothier, Obl/OSB

$oth Anniversary of Christian Ministry

Fr Michael Clothier cuts his celebratory cake

Congratulations to the Father Michael Clothier, Obl/OSB on celebrating 40 years in Christian Ministry.

On the 28th March 2014 Fr. Michael, priest in charge of the Mission of St Benedict, South Molton, Devon, celebrated 40 years of ministry in the Church.

He began his ministry as a Lay Reader in the Church of England in 1974 serving in the Dioceses of London, Oxford and Bath & Wells. In 2006 he left the Church of England and joined the Traditional Anglican Church (TAC) being ordained as a deacon in 2008 by Bishop Robert Mercer, CR. In 2009 he was formally received into the full communion of the Anglican Catholic Church and ordained priest the following year by Bishop Mead.

Commenting on his milestone 40 years in Christian ministry, Fr Michael said he can still remember that even after having passed all the examinations necessary for Ministry in the Church of England he had to go for an interview with his Bishop, the out come of which meant that he was admitted and licensed as a Lay Reader in the Diocese of London. However, before this happened he remembered had to recite and ascent to the Church of England's 39 Articles of Religion one by one.

In celebration of his 40th anniversary in ministry, a special cake was made for Fr. Michael, this was cut and shared with some of his friends in Stumbles Restaurant, South Molton and will also be shared with the congregation of St Benedict's in the days to follow.